Taihape Area School

 Back to School Tips from TVNZ "Breakfast”

By Janice Davies (Attitude Specialist at www.attitudespecialist.co.nz)  


Coping with transition from holiday to school  

1. Younger children get tired. Allow them time to rest. You could give them a small reward/surprise at the end of the day/week. Give them something to look forward to. 

2. Together start a new time schedule. 

3. Don’t have lots of activities for first few days…let their bodies re-establish a new Schedule. 

4. Let them pick a treat for their lunch box. 


Getting them to have a Positive Attitude 

1. Enthuse to create enthusiasm. Talk about their new uniform, clothes, books, friends, teacher, classroom, responsibilities, 

2. Remind children they will probably have to share your holiday stories. Ask the children what they enjoyed the most and discuss about sharing their adventure. 

3. Remind them about learning new and exciting things. Remind children about something they tried over the holidays and achieved and how good they felt when they could do it. Talk about the challenges they may have had before achieving it, i.e. learn how to swim…they could not do it the first time. 

4. Get children to reflect back to what they loved last year and how they can do more of it or improve this year. 


Ideas to help them towards getting the most out of the year 

1. Create enthusiasm by asking: What do they want to try that is new? 

2. Parents learn to ask open questions. What, Where When, Why How. Turn the TV off and ask at the dinner table, e.g. What did you learn/enjoy/try at school today? 

3. Discuss their favourite sports person and remind them they still have a job/career and had to learn how to study and set goals and try new things. 

Teach them to use a "Success Journal” 

1. I am great because _____ 

2. Today I did/achieved __ 

3. If felt good because___ 

4. Next week I will try____ 

5. I wish that_____ 

Tips to help them get the best socially out of school 

1. Remind them they meet with old friends and meet some neat new friends. 

2. Discuss that they have friends that they like and have fun with. It is okay to like some people and not others. 

3. Discuss that if other children make you feel not okay, it’s important to tell your children to talk to you about it (Bullying tips attached). 

Tips to help them get the best academically out of school 

1. Parents, you should know what your child LOVES doing or what their passions are and include these into the conversations about their school topics; 

2. Include these same skills they will need in the future lessons. .i.e.…. a future prime 

Minister like John Key….business, history and geography skills are important OR if 

you want to become a football star like Dan Carter…you will still need to learn to these language and business skills; 

3. Learn about your children’s personalities and weave their other topics at school into their future choices of topics; 

4. Encourage them to try new things because, not doing so, they might miss something they love doing; 

5. Remember your children are not replicas of you, but their own unique person; 

6. Encourage their interests, hobbies, sports and other activities as well. 



1. Appreciate your child; 

2. Tell your child that you love them; 

3. Spend time with your child; 

4. Encourage your child to make choices; 

5. Foster independence in your children; 

6. Giving genuine importance to your child’s opinion and listening; 

7. Take the time to explain your reasons; 

8. Take time to listen to their reasons; 

9. Feeding your child with positive encouragement; 

10. Encouraging your child to try new and challenging activities.