Taihape Area School


Tips on How to Deal with Bullying @ School

Statistics now confirm that bullying is a challenge for many children:- 

1. Listen to your children and ask questions to prompt some discussion; 

2. Discuss bullying with your children; 

3. Ask your children or any of their friends to tell their parent, friends, and teachers or someone about any bullying; 

4. Tell the children - not to take it personally. It’s not just about them…it could be anyone; 

5. Tell the children that if it wasn’t ‘them’ who was being bullied, it would be someone else; 

6. Bullies are cowards who don’t feel good about themselves so try to put others down; 

7. Bullies have low self-esteem and only pick on others who also have low self-esteem; 

8. If you are being bullied - list things/tasks/skills/passions/sports anything that you enjoy and you like about yourself; 

9. Seek help from any of the services - Lifeline or any other organization; 

10. Learn about self-esteem and how to boost it in your children. 


For more ideas visit: www.attitudespecialist.co.nz