Taihape Area School

Health Issues and Advice

School are a wonderful breeding ground for a wide range of common, and not so common, illnesses and diseases. In the school setting these can be shared very quickly, with a conseqent serious impact upon absenteeism and therefore students learning. 

The Health Card supplied to new entrants is to be completed for the Public Health Nurse, Donna Wood (06 348 1775). Please advise us of any changes in medical circumstances that we should be aware of.

Good health is essential for school progress and in partnership with parents we address any health issues.

1.      Hearing and Vision tests are carried out in the first year of school and parents can request further checks when thought advisable. The tester visits us once a term.

2.      Immunisation protects! Five-year-olds entering school are expected to have their immunisation programme up to date. Please check with your family doctor of Public Health Nurse to ensure this is done.  Immunisation programmes are also in place for Year 7 & 8 students.

3.      Headlice or Pediculosis. Despite all precautions, these nuisances do make an occasional visit. The only evidence of infestation are live headlice. By far the best method of control is to carefully inspect your child's hair at least once a week when washing – if in doubt ring the Public Health Nurse Grace Taiaroa, or see a Chemist. Lice can be controlled quite readily. Regular combing can also help to eradicate live lice.  A note will be sent home to the entire class if head lice are identified in a Junior class. 

4.     Common Ailments – period of exclusion from school:

        Chicken Pox -  for one week from the appearance of rash,

        Measles - for one week from appearance of rash,

        Mumps -  until swelling has completely subsided,

        Ringworm -  must be under treatment

        Impetigo - (school sores) must be treated and covered

5.      Our Dental Therapist checks teeth at least twice a year. Please contact the Clinic if a problem arises (Phone 3882016).  Students must sign out from school.  Years 1-6 are escorted to and from the clinic, by the dental hygienist.  The older student travel to the clinic in pairs.

6.      A Public Health Nurse (Donna Wood 06 348 1775). is available for students to see each Wednesday and students need to make an appointment with the office.

Listed below is a link to Ministry websites that provides information about the most common school associated illnesses and diseases, and steps parents/whanu can take to treat

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